Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Berlin Fashion Week

As a part of my online internship with San Jose Fashion Week's magazine, I wrote a review of Berlin's fashion week in January. Enjoy :)

Berlin Fashion Week
January 20-23, 2010

 Twice a year, Berlin becomes a fashion paradise while it hosts the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. This winter, the event took place between January 20-23th at Bebelplatz-the historical heart of the city.
To kick off the week, designer Schumacher took over the catwalk. Her fall/winter 2010 collection embraces the high class luxury and notorious deconstruction that has an exceptional way in finding its place in the present. Fabrics that hold a traditional elegance such as tweed, velvet and chiffon paired with leather, metallic qualities and neoprene find a new intensity in combination. Schumacher also incorporated a lot of lace paired with wool and jersey into her 2010 collection.

Austrian designer, Lena Hoschek followed with her women’s fall/winter 2010 designs that included beautiful tweed tailoring, fine Italian cotton shirts with suspenders, vests, ties and silken pocket squares. Hoschek’s silhouettes are quite reminiscent of her favorite era, the 1940’s and 50’s; with full skits, feminine details and close to the body cuts. Designer No Ifs is a new fashion label that stands for design with clear lines without the “ands” and “buts.” Head designer, Kilan Kerner describes the line as “non-fussy, self-explanatory fashion that features beautiful detailing for both men and women.” Since this collection sports a more casual, any occasion look, it’s safe to say the line can go from catwalk to sidewalk. German designers, Penkov and Susanne Wiebe and Italian designer, .Dimitri finished off the first day of the Mercedes Benz fashion week .

Anja Gockel had three collections that displayed classy, casual women with style and character. Her London assortment displayed a both casual and elegant daywear line while her Red Carpet designs were more artful and exciting for evening wear. Finally, her winter work “Treasures” combined the finest quality with a classy and young spirit. Gockel incorporated creative business dresses, sporty and elegant faux fur and skinny trousers with embellishments. Perret Schaad’s designs was of wools that were partly printed with silicon gave effects of light and shine, as well as a difference in rigidness. Technical fabrics combined with pastel colors give characteristic looks of unexpected yet coherent aesthetic. Mongrels In Common’s fall/winter 2010 collection, Rena Lange’s rock-n-roll princess assortment and Allude’s clothing line followed in quick succession, leading up to CUSTO Barcelona fall/winter 2010. Custo Barcelona’s autumn/winter 2010 creations were inspired by extreme beauty and the inexplicable attraction of jewels. The stunning gems inspired the collection’s color palette of black and pink diamonds, sapphires, turquoises, emeralds and amethysts to mention a few. His combination of furs and brightly colored sweaters, cardigans and dresses were very boho chic. To finish off the second day of the event, designer Patrick Mohr presented his work. The materials in this year’s fall/winter 2010 line included linen, jersey and jeans to name a few. The majority of his designs are dedicated to the concept of layering: the pieces can be worn arbitrarily with one another and one above the other.

The Arrondissement Aq1 fall/winter 2010 assembly circled around the theme of “oneness universe” which means everything is connected. Silk, fine suede, rainbow python, soft jerseys and flowing velvet details were part of the collection. In addition, Chain-link purses, sky-high shoes, hobble skirts and flowy dresses in energetic and bright colors were included. Marcel Ostertag incorporated a variation of trapeze jackets, a modern take on the original Christian Dior dresses with raised empire waists and detailed v-necks as well as colorful tights in orange, red and black.This season's creations from solely black fabrics seem like night-time silhouettes of a fictitious, obscure metropolis.Hausach Couture displayed exceptionally futuristic garments while simultaneously recreating the typical gowns of the 50’s. Strenesse Blue ended the third day with its frivolous, amusing and at the same time profound fall/winter 2010 designs.

The final day started out with the sophisticated vintage glamour of Frida Weyer’s fall/winter 2010 collection that presented floor length couture gowns and feminine cocktail dresses with vintage character. Michael Sontag presented his work with a lot of cowl necklines, flowy fabrics, eclectic coats and casual wear. IC Berlin’s line presented casual wear with graphic tee’s matched with black pants, lingerie over tee’s while all models wore black framed glasses and had a more playful approach. Chaya’s clothing were comprised of liquid leggings, form fitted dresses, leather skirts, sequence, short tunics and detailed hardware embellishments. It’s not hard to know that Lady Gaga is inspired by the Italian Designers collection shown at Berlin Fashion Week. With large headpieces, graphic leggings, full body, monochromatic outfits, elbow length gloves and asymmetrical lines, the Italian Designers displayed intricate designs during their show. Danish designer Stine Goya was the last designer to take the catwalk with her elegant garments. Predominantly revolving around dusty earth tones, loose and nonchalant silhouettes.

My personal favorites of the week were Custo Barcelona’s bright colored boho chic designs as well as Marcel Ostertag’s take on modern 1940’s fashion. He took Dior’s classic “new look” and transformed it into something beautiful and intricate.  I now have a new desire for European fashion!

During fashion week, Berlin transforms into a national and international fashion metropolis with buyers, fashion experts and media reps coming together to attend the glamorous fashion shows. Berlin welcomed celebrities Justin Timberlake, Sienna Miller and Diane Kruger as they made an appearance to catch their favorite designer’s work. The sixth edition of the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Berlin featured the most solid fashion lineup to date and needless to say, was an extreme success! The next fashion event Berlin will host will be in July 2010, showing designer’s spring/summer 2011 collections. Mark it on your calendar!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Model Mosaic

In my PC Merchandising class, we've been learning how to construct different types of magazine layouts using inDesign and photoshop programs. Here's project number one- a mosaic of your choice of model, and of course I chose Agyness Deyn.

Christian Dior Documentary

It's been a while since my last post, almost a month in fact :O However, I'll be blogging quite a bit in the near future. I have several volunteer  activities and events to attend to, so event reviews will be in order for sure!
In the meantime though, check out the link below! It's a documentary I've created on french designer Christian Dior. It's a project for my Fashion History and Forecasting course I'm currently taking in college.
Enjoy :)

Christian Dior: A Documentary- click here to check it out!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fashion Group International's Event "Y They Buy"

 Even though I was a volunteer stuck in coat check during this event, I got to catch some of the presentation! (And let me tell you, it's not hard to tell you're in the presence of successful fashionistas when they hand you their authentic fur coats) On Tuesday February 2, 2010, FGI’s Toronto chapter presented their first annual event, Y They Buy. Kicking off the evening with an in-depth exploration of the reality of Generation Y’s purchasing habits, a team of experts discussed contributing factors like social life, work trends, the importance of family and the more recent influence of the environment and related causes.
The event included speeches from anthropologist, Victor Barac, Fashion Mag's marketing manager, retail empires, designers, etc. Although Barac's speech caused a few to yawn and a spectator to even mutter the words, "never marry a anthropologist," the content of his speech  was valuable.
Successful industry professionals as well as fashion students made an appearance at this event held at Six Degrees club downtown. Elegant food was served and there were fantastic door prizes given out. Tickets varied in price depending on membership; but you would pay no more than $35. With a free salsa lesson, live band and a gift bag--not too shabby!
Theses events are perfect for networking. Whether you're establishing new contacts or catching up with old ones-essential networking was sure to happen.
Overall, the event was a great success and had a great turnout!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Frugal Fashion Week's WhoWhatWEARWhenWhy Fashion Show

On  January 28 Frugal Fashion Week launched their WhoWhatWEARWhenWhy fashion show at the elegant Nyood (I'll save ya sometime and say-yes, pronounced "nude") venue. Local designer labels such as Another Word for Pink, Decadent Designs, Yvette Le Roy, Our Lady, Patricia O'Connor and Faren took the catwalk by storm as dj's rocked out with tunes from the 80's, top 40 and house music. 
FFW is a non-profit organization that was created to encourage local support of designers and retailers through a series of stylish programs and events.
Tickets for the event were only 10 bucks a pop and all proceeds went to Windfall-Canada's only new clothing bank. Guests were also given a gift bag upon arrival containing a lovely scarf and contact information. During the show, delish food was served, complements of Nyood.

First up was Breeyn McCarney's Another Word for Pink. Her designs incorporates a lot of florals and feminine touches, seen a lot in 2010 trend forecasts. Flowy shirts paired with opaque tights and simple make up & hair were used, as well as bright Spring colours.

Perfect for a date-atmosphere, or if you wanna run your town tonight (eh eh eh eh ehhh)

This RTW disco inspired outfit creates a fun look-while looking sexy at this same time. 

(P.S Notice the Shakespeare inspired painting on the wall...Relieved that Nyood didn't take the name to the extreme or literal for that matter, and incorporate naked pics or people)

As for the venue, Nyood has such an eclectic feel to it-colourful floorboards mounted on the wall, black yarn spun into intricate desgins as decor, and interesting paintings.

Style Verdict:
Breeyn McCarney's Label Another Word for Pink-Florals and femininity; She's got style!
Olga's Label Decadent Designs- The mid-evil feel gave me a flash back to potential alternative life. I'll be the bearer of bad news, 8-ball style: sorry, try again
Ildiko Rostas' Label Yvette Le Roy- Beautiful in blue, unique designs and hemlines; She's got style!
Dia Kingly's Label Our Lady-  Remined me of Lady Gaga's sense of style; She's got unique style!
Patricia O'Connor's self titled label- Meh, she needs to rethink her fashion strategy 
Faren's self titled label- Forever XXI, H&M -ish : I love it! She's got style