Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Final PC Merchandising Assignment: The Sweet Escape

Magazine spread. Do not underestimate the trials and tribulations of photoshop. Detail, detail detail....but it was fun at the same time since it was the last assignment of the year! Finished year one starting now : )

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fashion History and Forecasting Trend Board

By choosing inspiration from either the "Key Largo" or "En Vie En Rose" themes, we were required to create a trend board depicting Spring/Summer '10 trends. As you can see, I chose Key Largo mostly because I'm in love the beach atmosphere. The board required 3D elements, raised pictures, at least five colours from the theme- all of which you had to name yourself. 

Friday, April 23, 2010

FAT - Fashion Alternative Toronto

So, after spending the last couple of days in LA surfing, exploring Hollywood and going to a NHL game, it's back to Toronto reality!
As a writer for Fash Mag, I'm going to be covering several runway shows during Fashion Alternative Week located on 1 Pardee Ave in Studio City. It's my first show acting as a media rep- gaining access to front row seats, free swag and not to mention free tickets to the show. I'm excited!

My Fash Mag Article

Fashion Alternative Week 
April 21st-25th 2010

Fashion Alternative Arts and Fashion Week is a fashionable playground, with over 50 runway shows, photography exhibits, video screenings, live bands, art installations and multi-media parties celebrating national and international leaders in design, music, arts and culture. Often abbreviated F.A.T for "Fashion Art Toronto," this year's universal theme was "Made With Love," surveying a different emotion each night. Toronto was the perfect location for this event because of its diverse culture and savvy fashionistas, and what a better place than Liberty Village's Studio City for the venue location. 2010 marked the fifth anniversary of F.A.T, as the event promised to be a hit with its unique dressing room project, an after party presented by Scion and its first ever designer sample sale. 

The event kicked off on April 21st, exploring the theme of "Longing" as DJ Adam Smith hit the sound stage. With three runway segments, and approximately five designers for each segment, it can be said that the audience members definitely fell victim to the night's theme. Beautifully constructed garments, intricate designs, and vibrant pops of colour by such designers as Melow by Melissa Bolduc,  Jasper Garvida and Mitra could be spotted on the runway. 
The second day's theme was all about "Lust" where 13 sultry and seductive runway were showcased throughout the night. Among the talent was a lingerie line by Diepo, fetish inspired collections by Fashion Whore, feminine and contemporary women's wear line by Jessica Mary Clayton and a provocative line by Magpie to name a few. 

April 23 featured 12 edgy, conscious and conceptual collections inspired by the night's theme called "Rage". The collection, Dystropolis by Wendy NG was inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland, a world full of contradictions: "innocent girlhood and conscientious womanhood; love and hate; rage and joy; black and white; broken and healed." This collection includes dark gothic designs, huge platforms, full length trench coats made in faux fur, leatherette, PVC, lace, vinyl, chiffon, metal beading, zippers and buckles to create a sense of order in chaos. Female models wore mid-calf length platforms, leather dresses and opulent hair pieces. Male models opted for head-to-toe leather with big, bold shoulders. A non-traditional and eco-friendly collection by Vancouver based label Sans Soucie was also displayed. Pops of green, yellow and white in all natural fabrics cannot help but to affect all sense of smell, touch and feel of nature. The ruffles, natural designs, feminine pleats and colours transport you to a serene paradise. With all the focus being on the environment and "go green" campaigns, it is only natural to be inspired by your outdoor surroundings.
The final day of FAT concentrated on the emotion of "Joy." Finally a breath of fresh air after the last three days of longing, lust and rage. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

All About Colour Assignment

My second last assingment for PC Merchandising: a magazine ad. As you can see, we were required to
chose a colour and create an overall theme.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I had the amazing opportunity to volunteer for FDCC's LG Fashion Week Beauty by L'Oreal Paris (what a mouthful eh?) this year! I am now reminded as to why I'm in the fashion industry. The show looks so well put together and organized, but backstage you'll see the industry's true colours:  a fast-pased, multi-tasking frenzy... or what I like to call, a total rush.
The huge, very high end venue's location was The Allstream Centre at Exhibition Place downtown Toronto. Although I have volunteered for fashion shows before, I have never experienced anything quite like LG Fashion Week.
So with that being said, you're probably picturing me in this glamours, "lights. camera. action" kind of atmosphere, but until the actual show it was quite the opposite. And truly, that's what you can expect when you volunteer- you're at the bottom of the food chain so to speak, so get ready to be ran off your feet! Do not get discouraged though, you have to start somewhere, right?! Even the mundane or trivial tasks must be taken seriously, then you will be. Simple as that.
First of all, as a volunteer you had the choice to work in either the backstage atmosphere or the fashion environment, I was lucky enough to work in both exciting areas. Day 1 I was working in the fashion environment where my duties pre-show included tasks from gift bagging,  to signing in backstage designers and models,  to even making sure the water coolers were full of water. Basically if you were a voluteer, you're probably going to be passed around like a hot potato to complete necessary tasks. During the show myself and a few of my other volunteer friends were responsible for media personal admittance, which should have came with a caution: blisters may appear on the feet due to long hours standing. Thank god for my knee-length boots! I'm not sure I could have survived in my high-heels at that time (unfortunately). The advantage of this, of course, was that we could take a peak during the actual fashion show and see the VIP reception area first hand...that was pretty cool, I must admit. One of the shows incorporated celebrities as their models. Canadian stars such as 90210's Jessica Downes, olympic skaters, television talk show hosts, Keisha Chante (as seen in the picture above if you look closely), Hilda from Sabrina the Teenage Witch (remember that show?) and many more that I had no clue who they were.

So the next day I was pulled from my fashion environment hot potato duties and designated in the backstage area where I got to dress models for the runway! This is what you call fast-paced. If you think about it, there may be 20-ish models in the show while there are around 40-ish outfits. Getting everything right, right down to the belt buckle, to the accessory placement was key. The designers were very picky, and who can blame them really-they have a rep to uphold!  I dressed models for Coccolily, BASCH by Brandon, Lucian Matis(!!!), RUDSAK, David Dixon and Bustle. Probably my favourite part of my whole volunteering experience was seeing Fashion Television's Jeanne Becker in person! That was awesome.
Bustle marked the end of fashion week for this season, but I definitely look forward to September's show!