Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lauren Conrad's Impecable Style

Hasn't everyone fallen under Lauren Conrad's stylish spell? Her gorgeous wavy hair,  natural take on make-up, feminine and flowy style seen here on the September 20th issue of US Weekly. I'll just say that I'm not the type to pick up US Weekly or any other type of celebrity gossip column for that matter, but I bought this issue because of Lauren's article. I never see her sporting an outfit I didn't like yet. The picture above have a boho feel to it no doubt, but also notice the hair colour.  The whole, "I have no time to get my roots done" look is actually in. To steal the beauty's look (on a budget of course) try stores like H&M, Mango and Zara. 

  Escaping the boho look and aiming for the rock-star nighttime look, Lauren opts for this ensemble. Throwing a chunky knit vest over a tree and leggings is a modern way to update a classic style. Again, notice the beautiful wavy hair (I'm obsessed!). And since not everyone cause afford the luxuries of a red-soled shoe from Christian Louboutin ($625 a pop), you're going to have to get creative! Take a closer look, and notice the layered metal bracelets; accessories is a perfect way to complete this look. The outfit is "almost reminiscent of a '70s rock 'n' roll with those shaggy vests," says Conrad. And where would you wear it? "Definitely to see a band!" Good choice, good times. 

 I also like this simplistic, yet stylish look Lauren is aiming for in this photo. Layered jewellery with a simple and neutral tee is genius! Her flaw-less face is achieved by applying neutral tones to the eyes, while applying mascara on the diagonal, creating a fan look. Her signature winged eye-liner is a must of course, and her light pink blush and nude lips add for a au natural look. She changed her wavy hair for a more sophisticated bun. Pulling her locks into a ponytail, braiding it and then wrapping it around into a alluring bun. 
Side note: favourite quote of the article, "I find it bizzare that people are constantly applauding me for my constant sanity," or something along those lines.. funny stuff!