Monday, November 15, 2010

Visual Merchandising: Build-Up Display

 Above is my build-up visual merch project as part of my Store Planning and Merchandising course taken at Humber. It was fun developing this idea. I looked in my closet for possibilities and noticed that I had a this sorta candy theme going on. So I decided to incorporate red, yellow and blue gumballs and huge suspended lollipops to coincide with the overall colour story. Other than giving into inflation, (seriously, $7 for a lollipop? C'mon now) I loved working on this project. However, I do not plan my career around visual merchandising, unlike a few of the students in my program. 

Things I learned from doing this project:
1. When you display shoes, make sure the the heel is visible
2. It is important to develop a strong colour story and theme
3. Try and keep the background nutural so it does not take away from the merchandise
4. When developing a build-up display, make sure the merch is displayed in a "mountain" ( /\ ) formation
5. Carrying 8 lollipops around Toronto without cracking them is no easy task

My teacher really enjoyed my signage. It's a model in the middle of a gumball storm, so it suited the idea pretty well.

So my instructor also said she loved the display but she just wishes that I could have done a couple of things differently. The background and foreground colour creates contrast, taking away from the merchandise. Oops. I was actually trying to create contrast...I thought the overwhelming primary colours were strong enough to handle such a contrast. Apparently not! :) Hindsight is 20-20..


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